Fingerprint Evidence is Crucial?

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My Training

5 years (National requirement period for GB) initial study and examination program as a Fingerprint Officer III/Criminalist I (1971-1973), and Criminalist II (1973-1976), in the science of Fingerprinting (history, individualization, classification, crime scene examination, laboratory processing, cadavers) at the Metropolitan Police Service, New Scotland Yard GB

Advanced Fingerprint School 1976, 300 hours - Scientific Support College GB

Forensic Trace Evidence School 1981, 240 hours - Scientific Support College GB (glass, paint, hair, fiber, accelerants, firearms, body fluids, footwear, instrument marks)

Advanced Forensic School 1986, 40 hours - Scientific Support College GB (explosives, arson reconstruction and interpretation, radio active latent detection)

Advanced Refresher Forensic School 1998, 80 hours - Scientific Support College GB (new technological advances)

Fingerprint Expertise and Scene of Crime Examination 1997-1998 - Kings College, University of London GB

Detection & Examination of Footwear Impression Evidence 2000, 40 hours - Forensic Identification Training Seminars LLC, Colorado, USA (manufacturing of footwear, footwear class characteristics, sizing, recovery of footwear impression evidence, casting, electrostatic lifting, photography, chemical and blood enhancement, barefoot impression evidence)

Latent Print Identification 2000, 24 hours - Federal Bureau of Investigation, W. Virginia, USA (latent comparison, US history)

Crime Scene Management 2000, 40 hours, - Federal Bureau of Investigation, W. Virginia, USA (first responder, preserving the scene, crime scene health & safety, body fluids, task allocation, body recovery/removal, evidence retrieval, photography, documentation, blood borne pathogens, mutagens, carcinogens, tetragens)

Friction Ridge Skin Examiner Training 2000, 40 hours, - Federal Bureau of Investigation, W. Virginia, USA (skin anatomy and physiology, qualitative and quantitative analysis, ACEV methodology, Poroscopy, Edgeoscopy, permanence and persistence)

Digital Imaging Processing Techniques 2000, 4 hours - W. Virginia, USA (Adobe Photoshop techniques for latent crime evidence)

International Association of Identification certification program 2000, Certified Latent Print Examiner (CLPE) #00-55

Master of Science degree (Forensic Science major), 2001 Trinity University SD

International Centennial Conference on Identification 2001, 30 hours - New Scotland Yard, London GB

International Association for Identification OK Division Conference 2001, 16hours - Oklahoma City

Clandestine Laboratory Safety Certification 2002, 32 hours - Network Environmental Systems Inc - Oklahoma City

Printrak International AFIS Users Conference 2002, 32 hours - Costa Mesa California

International Association for Identification 87th Educational Training Conference - Las Vegas August 4th -10th 2002

Fast Fourier Transform (digital imaging), 4 hours - IAI Las Vegas August 2002

The use of Un-du as a forensic tool, 2 hours - IAI Las Vegas August 2002

Advanced Charting Techniques: A Whole New Approach, 4 hours - IAI Las Vegas August 2002

Omnitrak AFIS Latent Workstation Training; 24 hours - Printrak University Oklahoma City, October 2002

New Technologies & Crime Scene Investigation: 16 hours - OK Division IAI OU Norman OK August 2003

Demystifying Palm Prints: 24 hours - R Smith & Associates Inc, OK City August 2003
Ron Smith & Associates Inc - Traning
International Association for Identification 89th Educational Training Conference – St. Louis August 22nd – 27th 2004

International Association for Identification 92nd Educational Training Conference – San Diego July 22nd – 28th 2007

Florida Division International Association for Identification 92nd Educational Training Conference – Weston October 21st – 25th 2007

Ridgeology Science Workshop Lite, 8 hours – FDIAI October 2007

International Association for Identification 94th Educational Training Conference – Tampa Aug 16th - 22nd 2009

Universal Latent Workstation, 4 hours - IAI Tampa Aug 2009

Applied Fundamentals Of Forensic Digital Imaging, 4 hours - IAI Tampa Aug 2009

IAFIS On The Road, 4 hours - IAI Tampa Aug 2009

Basic Management Course 1978, 40 hours - New Scotland Yard GB. (Fishbone, Johari, time management, Action Centered Leadership [Task, Team, Individual])

Strategic Drug Course 1991, 40 hours – National Police Staff College, Bramshill GB (national and international perspective on drug culture and the Government’s overt & covert response to minimize the threat to undermine society and the economy)

Effective Manager II Course (Senior) 1991, 40 hours – National Civil Service College, Sunningdale GB (teams [Meredith, Belbin], management styles, resistance to change [Force Field analysis, Lewin’s Theory], problem identification – cause – solving, negotiating and influencing, Next Steps Agencies, coaching, time logs [Pareto Analysis])

Project & Time Management 1993, 32 hours - Bramshill National Police Staff College GB

Management Development Course 1994, 56 hours - Randal Metzger Associates GB (leadership and personal effectiveness, development of self and others, Maslow’s Hierarchy, Herzberg, Vroom’s Expectancy, domainal mapping, mentoring, assertiveness, conflict [Thomas-Kilmann], motivation, stress, behavioral types, psychology of change)

Effective Manager III Course (Advanced Senior) 1994, 40 hours - National Civil Service College Sunningdale GB (Total Quality Management tools & techniques, Crosby, Deming, Juran, process and system analysis and improvement, Quality Steering Groups, resource inputs People – Machines – Materials – Methods)

Customer Service - 1999, 8 hours - Phoenix Fire Department, OK, USALessons in Leadership 2000, 4 hours - Gallagher-Westfall Group of Indiana, OK, USA (C. Garfield -Peak Performers)

Progressive Discipline; 6 hours Office Personnel Management, October 2002 OK Performance Management Process: 6 hours – Human Resource Development Services OSU Tulsa, June 2003

1st Annual Symposium on Crime Laboratory Development: 32 hours – FBI Minneapolis MN, Sept 2003

Change Management: 8 hours Larry Fisher Creative Consultants, November 2003

Nuclear Defense and Survival School 1989, 40 hours Metropolitan Police Service New Scotland YardEmergency Life Support 1995, 40 hours - New Scotland Yard GB

Emergency Preparedness – 1999 - 1 hour. OK Department of Civil Emergency Management, OK, USAPost Trauma Shock Disorder – 1999 - 4 hours - Ouchita Parish LA Sheriff’s Office, OK, USA

Drug Free Workplace 2000, 2 hours - Valley Hope Association, OK, USA.

Mental Preparation for Armed Encounters 2000, 8 hours - US Customs Service, OK, USA (conditioning of the mind in anticipation)

Clandestine Laboratory Site Safety Officer 2002, 8 hours – Network Environmental Systems Inc – Oklahoma

Bloodborne Pathogen Instructor: 8 hours - Mike Jaggers Oklahoma Safety Council, Tulsa April 2003

Clandestine Laboratory Safety Re-Certification: 32 hours – Network Environmental Systems Inc – Oklahoma City, Oct 2003

Future Trends in Crime - 1999, 4 hours - Jack Enter & Associates OK, USA

Graduated, Council for Law Enforcement Education and Training Police Academy (CLEET) 2000, OK, USA (law, criminal investigation, rules of evidence, auto crime, accident investigation, suspect/custody control and tactical self defense, tactical driving, crime scene investigation, firearms, traffic, CPR, patrol, community and human relations, victimology, mental illness, youth and family crisis, child abuse, sexual abuse)

Successful Money Management 2001, 8 hours – Kirk Financial Group for CLEET, OKMoral Leadership 2001, 12 hours – Center for Labor Management Studies, OK

Instructor: OSBI Investigative Agents Academy Oklahoma City – 2002

Courtroom Testimony: 8 hours - R Smith Mississippi Crime Lab, October 2002 OK

Eat Stress: 4 hours – Captain Bob Smith, October 2002 OK

Risk Management & Ethical Decisions: 4 hours - Gordon Graham, November 2003 OK

Auditing for Quality, 4 hours- IAI Las Vegas August 2002

ASCLD/LAB Inspector Training: 24 hours - ASCLD Lansing Michigan June 2003

Contact: Graham Ford