Fingerprint Evidence is Crucial?

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Do You Know?

Do You Know: Not all fingerprint identification expert examiners are equal. Due to the vagaries of the disparate training requirements for Latent Print Examiners, some are well qualified, unfortunately, others are not suitably trained, trained at all, or qualified. Such is life for the fingerprint identification discipline and the US legal system.

What does this mean for the attorney utilizing the services of a fingerprint identification expert, or facing a fingerprint identification expert? This will depend on which table you are sitting at and whether the fingerprint expert witness is appearing as a witness for, or against your case.

A thorough impartial evaluation of the latent evidence and all other relevant facts are necessary to independently assess the good, the bad and the ugly of the fingerprint identification evidence, palmprint identification evidence or the footprint identification evidence.

Any case review should always be undertaken by a suitably trained, experienced and qualified fingerprint expert, not a psuedo fingerprint expert. Consideration should be given to the utilization of a CLPE - Certified Latent Print Examiner and/or a FFS - Fellow of the Fingerprint Society.
This will ensure that the above requirements should be suitably fulfilled.

Contact: Graham Ford

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