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About Me


Previous Employment 1.
Final Position: Head of National Drug Crime. Responsible for the National Drug Team & Serious Crime Team Employer: New Scotland Yard, London GB. June 1971 - July 1999.

Scotland Yard Specialist Crime Directorate

Previous Employment 2.
Final Position: Director of Northeastern Forensic Laboratory Employer: Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), OK, USA. July 1999 - December 2003.

Previous Employment 3 
 - Contracted to the Department of Defense.
Deployed for over 5 years during 2005 - 2013.
Deputy Forensic Project Manager CEXC & AFIS- Iraq. 
Comparative Forensics Mentor - Iraq
Advanced Latent Prints Instructor - Iraq
ABIS Manager - Afghanistan
CLPE Jeff Program - Iraq
CLPE/Lab Manager CEXC/ACME - Afghanistan
Independent Fingerprint/Forensic Consultant 

I commenced my forensic studies in June 1971 at New Scotland Yard, London GB. Progressing through the then 5 year national training requirement and thus achieved the “expert” epithet in 1976. I was granted Fellowship of the Fingerprint Society in 1978.
Numerous tours of “field” duty (CSI) to various of areas of London and promotions, led to my secondment to the Central London Homicide Squad in 1986. This secondment was to specifically undertake homicide and other serious crime scene investigations. Included in this Central London area, is the center of Government (the House of Commons, the House of Lords, and all other major governmental departments). The main Royal Palaces, such as Buckingham Palace and St. James's Palace, are also situated within this area. Crimes committed at these venues, whilst at times may not be serious by the designated nature of the offense, are rigorously investigated because of the political and royal influences. Consequently, I undertook all the crime scene investigations that required my expertise in these secret and sensitive areas in addition to the homicide investigations.
Promoted to Criminalist Administrator in 1989. My major function was to co-ordinate the operational CSI functions on behalf of Senior Investigating Officers for two separate teams. The Serious Crime Team responsibilities were to conduct latent comparisons for all offences of a sexual nature, arson, armed robbery, kidnapping, and corruption within the city of London and both overt and covert work for the Flying Squad (Sweeney Todd). The Drug Team responsibilities were to conduct all CSI functions, for all drug-related offences locally for London on behalf of New Scotland Yard, regionally for the South East Regional Crime Squad covering the South of England and nationally for Her Majesties Customs & Excise.
Main responsibilities were to: Supervise the day-to-day running of both the Team’s. Develop, formulate & implement policy/strategy & best practice in respect of the Team’s activities; Maintain quality assurance/control & performance indicators; Final evaluation and arbiter of all fingerprint identifications established through both of the Team’s activities; Attendance at, or control deployment of, personnel to scenes of crime within the Team’s remit to recover all scientific evidence; Development of latent prints, on items recovered from related serious crime, using ‘state of the art’ physical/chemical techniques within a laboratory environment, at the crime scene, or in covert areas of activity; Retrieval of all forms of forensic evidence at scenes of crime; Preparation of expert evidence & court attendance to present such evidence in cases of high media or government interest; Ensure essential communications with Senior Investigating Officers in order to provide optimum service; Responsible for career development & welfare of all scientific and administrative staff; Preparation of & conducting Personal Appraisals; Responsible for fulfilling all Health & Safety obligations.

As Director of Northeastern Regional Laboratory.
Management of the day-to-day functions of the Forensic facility, providing a Latent Print, Drug Chemistry, DNA/Serology and CSI service for the northeast region of Oklahoma state.
Dep Forensic Project Manager IRAQ.
Establish the first forensic analysis capabilities for forensic examiners to undertake the examination of explosive devices (IED's) used against coallition forces - Combined Explosive Exploitation Cell - CEXC in 2005 and pre Joint Expeditionary Forensic Facility - JEFF (US Marines) facilities in Fallujah in 2006 & IRAQI ABIS in Green Zone 2006/7.
Forensic Consultant 2007 - 2009.
Comparative Forensics Mentor & Advanced Latent Print Instructor. Erbil, Iraq. Nov 2009 - Oct 2010.
Establishment of program for forensic trainers and mentorship Iraqi Forensic Scientists.
ABIS Manager; Kabul, Afghanistan Nov - Dec 2010.
Joint Expeditionary Forensic Facility (JEFF), Tikrit, Iraq. Jan 2011 - Jun 2011.
Combined Explosive Exploitation Cell - Afghanistan Captured Material Exploitation.
Afghanistan - CEXC(ACME) Tarin Kowt - TK. Jul  2011 - Jun 2013.
Forensic Consultant Jul 2013 -  

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